$5 of every yearly membership donation goes toward the SAA Gift to Tech. Learn more about the Gift to Tech, past projects, and how to vote.
SAA collects a yearly membership donation of $10. $5 goes to Roll Call through the Student Foundation, and $5 goes to a unique campus initiative through the Gift to Tech.
When you join SAA, you show your commitment to investing in Georgia Tech, in our Annual Roll Call Campaign, and, most importantly, supporting the needs of the Institute.
Are you a member of a student organization? Your entire organization can choose to go 100% and have every member join SAA in one simple step.

Gift to Tech Timeline

First Round Voting Open
All students are encouraged to vote for the Top 8 Gift to Tech Projects. Read about each project, and cast your vote for the project you think will make the largest impact on campus.
First Round Voting Closes
Be sure to get your vote in by the deadline.
SAA Member Final Round Voting Opens
If you are an SAA member, you get to vote on the Top 3 Gift to Tech initiatives to determine the winner. All 100% student organizations are also welcome to vote, and the small and large organization with the most votes will receive a prize!
SAA Member Final Round Voting Closes
Don’t miss your chance to vote in the final round of Gift to Tech! Your vote will help determine which campus project will receive over $45,000 in funding.
Gift to Tech Celebration
Save the date! Each year, campus VIPs, staff, faculty, and students come together to celebrate the Gift to Tech recipient.