SAA Probation

When registering for an SAA alumni connections event, it is a student's understanding that alumni and staff are taking time out of their day to ensure that all registered students have a satisfactory experience during the event.  They acknowledge that they will give 48 hours' advance notice if they cannot attend an event they register for.

Failure to attend two (2) alumni connections events without a proper excuse will place a student in SAA probation for a period lasting no less than one (1) semester.  If placed on SAA probation, a student will not be permitted to register for any Alumni Connections Events and will be unregistered from any Alumni Connections Events he/she has already registered for during the probationary semester.

Alumni Connections Events include:

- Dinner Jackets
- Expert Jackets
- Jackets on the Job
- Get Ready for the Real World Series
- Mentor Jackets Signature Events

A minimum of 2 reminder emails will be sent once a student registers for an event.  If a student knows that they will not be able to attend, they should notify SAA by emailing, or the respective committee in charge, at least 48 hours in advance to receive an excused absence.  Excused absences will not count towards SAA probation.

Any student on probation may attend Alumni Connection Events as a walk up if the event is not at capacity. Probation does not impact a student’s status as a mentee, access to SAA benefits or discounts, attendance at Spirit Day Events and Commencement Initiatives, or any other all-student SAA events.