Join a Committee

From developing and monitoring member benefits, to marketing and commencement initiatives, committees are an essential part of the Student Alumni Association and an easy way for members to actively shape GTSAA activities.

You can either email the committee chair or fill out the Member Interest Survey to learn more about involvement.
Alumni Connections Committee
When: Every Thursday at 11:15am
Where: Alumni House

This committee is made up of students who are Dinner Jackets facilitators and Expert Jackets and IMPACT Meet & Greet event leads. Anyone is welcome to join the committee, and all new members will be trained on skills like writing a professional email, communicating with alumni and GT faculty members, and event planning. As a member of this committee, you will have the opportunity to:

* Serve as a Dinner Jackets student facilitator.
* Communicate with alumni as dinner plans are made - letting alumni know who is coming, special needs, and answer questions.
* Communicate plans to student attendees - letting students know alumni backgrounds, directions, organize transportation, and answer questions.
* Act as the student host at events - assist alumni onsite, make introductions, and keep conversation flowing.
* Help plan and execute all logistics associated with the events.
* Find alumni at the top of their field who would be popular for Expert Jackets or Dinner Jackets.
* Coordinate IMPACT Speaker Meet & Greets when IMPACT Speakers are GT alumni.

Please email the committee chairs at if you would like more information!
Ramblin On & Commencement Initiatives Committee
When: Every Tuesday at 7:00pm (bi-weekly in Fall & weekly in Spring)
Where: Alumni House

This committee is responsible for the organization and execution of Ramblin On, the all-student graduation party every spring. Additionally, they coordinate ways for SAA to celebrate students who are "getting out" of Tech.

* Determines and executes marketing of Ramblin On to all graduating students.

* Plans and executes all aspects of Ramblin On from giveaways, food and entertainment to registration, set-up, and clean-up.

* Organizes and distributes the SAA graduation gift to all graduating SAA members.

* Volunteers at commencement-related events and Commencement Fairs to congratulate graduating students and talk to them about staying connected to GT.

For more information or to join, contact our Ramblin On & Commencement Initiatives Chairs at
Get Ready for the Real World Series and Jackets on the Job Committee
When: Every Thursday at 6:00pm
Where: Alumni House

The Get Ready for the Real World Series and Jackets on the Job committee is responsible for planning educational events that allow students to learn from the experiences of various Georgia Tech Alumni.

* Determines Get Ready for the Real World topics that would benefit students.

* Identifies local companies that would make interesting Jackets on the Job hosts.

* Plans and executes all logistics associated with the events.

Contact our chair at to join or learn more.
Marketing and Membership Committee
When: Every Tuesday at 6:00pm
Where: Alumni House

The Marketing and Membership committee is active year round and is responsible for promoting SAA, its membership, ideas, programs, and events.

* Works with professional staff to define positioning statements, year-long marketing plan, and target audiences.

* Determines and works on designs for t-shirts, member cards, and marketing pieces.

* Brainstorms and executes new and creative marketing ideas.

* Executes all marketing, including handing out flyers, posting on social media, and sending out targeted emails.

* Coordinates a weekly SAA table for students to learn about upcoming events, join or renew membership, and redeem member benefits.

* Works with the marketing team on various efforts to register new members and communicate the value of SAA.

* Makes sure all members who want to be involved understand how they can get involved and makes it easy for them to do so.

Contact our chairs at for more information.
Mentor Jackets Committee
When: Every Thursday at 7:00pm
Where: Alumni House

SAA’s primary focus is connecting students with alumni. The Mentor Jackets committee works with Alumni Association staff on the execution of these one-on-one and e-Mentoring programs.

* Encourages SAA members to take advantage of valuable opportunities to interact with alumni.

* Plans and executes Mentor Jackets events and webcasts to provide unique, interactive opportunities for alumni mentors and student mentees.

* Supports the Mentor Jackets program by making sure mentor pairs are in contact with one another and having productive relationships.

* Assists with marketing, communications, and social media efforts.

For more information, email the Mentor Jackets Chair at
Spirit, Traditions, and Pride Committee
When: Every Monday at 7:30pm
When: Alumni House

The Spirit, Traditions, and Pride committee is responsible for planning and executing SAA Spirit Days as well as coordinating and running the Tradition Keepers program.

* Determines plan and theme for every Spirit Day and selects items for general population and prizes for SAA members.

* Works with the marketing team on creative ways to spread the word about upcoming events.

* Executes all Tradition Keeper and other traditions-related programming.

Contact our chairs at for more information.