Letter from the President

Dear Yellow Jacket,

Here at Georgia Tech we are privileged to attend one of the most prestigious universities in the nation. We all share in the rich traditions, forward-thinking minds, and diverse opportunities in and out of the classroom that make this institute so great.

As a newly proud Ramblin Wreck, I remember being immensely thrilled but also extremely intimidated and overwhelmed when faced with all that Georgia Tech had to offer me. Now that I am beginning my final stages as a student here, I can definitely say that the best opportunity that I seized back when I had just begun my undergraduate career was becoming a part of the Student Alumni Association (SAA).

As a nationally-recognized outstanding student organization, SAA offers every student incredible opportunities to enhance your college experience and truly prepare you for life after college.


Even with the incredible growth to 6,000 members strong, SAA still has a personalized experience to offer every single student that joins. No matter your major, degree type, career path, or background, there will be events and programs that suit your needs, interests, and goals.

My favorite part about this organization is that it can be a part of any Georgia Tech Student’s time here no matter how much commitment they can make. As an SAA member, you can access our vast alumni network, celebrate in our rich traditions, and proudly share in the precedent of philanthropy that has made this university so impactful.

You choose how committed you want to be to SAA, and SAA will remain strongly committed to your experience all the same. Stop by an Expert Jackets event to learn from some of the incredible CEO’s that started out right where you are now. Spend a Sunday night sharing a meal with a gracious alum at one of our many Dinner Jackets events held throughout the semester. Get ready for the real world by learning important life skills that you don’t get in a classroom. Take a break by letting us brighten your busy school day on Tech Walkway during a Spirit Day with some SAA swag. Enjoy our member benefits by getting a discount at any number of restaurants and businesses around Midtown Atlanta on a Member Appreciation Day or by using one of your coupons. Get involved on campus by joining one of our committees that meet weekly or becoming a member of our leadership team this Spring. There are so many ways to take full advantage of your SAA membership, so find whatever appeals to you.


Our vast alumni network is now over 144,000 strong, many of which are committed to building relationships with you and other current students and ensuring that you can learn from their college experiences and amazing careers. They have traveled all over the world and had so many rich experiences volunteering their time and money while also starting or leading thriving companies. They have so much knowledge to impart upon you as a future alum, as they were once in your shoes trying to imagine what their future after Tech might be like.

Take the time to join our award-winning Mentor Jackets Program at the beginning of each school year to find an alum who was once in your very shoes and has gone on to accomplish some of your goals, or take the time to talk to any of our alumni at an SAA event no matter their major or career. Whether you share in the same interests or not, we all as past or present Yellow Jackets share in the same traditions and love for Georgia Tech.

Even though you are not a part of that huge alumni network donating thousands of dollars to a new building or cause on campus yet, as a proud SAA member using your $10 donation to fund initiatives around campus or build up Student Mental Health or the Georgia Tech EXCEL Program for students with disabilities through our Gift to Tech Program, know that you can make a difference through your philanthropy and pride for this great institution. Maximize your experience as a Yellow Jacket by joining SAA today!

Yours in White and Gold,

Daisy Smith