Why Giving is Important

Here are the top reasons that students and alumni continue to give to Georgia Tech. Why do you give?

It’s Tradition
Giving back is truly a strong tradition at Georgia Tech. Our alumni giving percentage is the highest in the nation of any public university, so one could say Georgia Tech is the national champion of giving back! By becoming a member of SAA, where your $10 is entirely a donation to the Institute, you are continuing the tradition of giving that we hope will last a lifetime.

Giving = Gratitude
Georgia Tech has changed our lives by providing outstanding academic resources, a quality education, unique opportunities, lasting friendships, and countless memories. Our support both now and after we graduate is a way of saying "thank you" while helping future generations gain access to the same opportunities.

Raise Our Ranking
Our donations now and in the future, regardless of the gift’s size, play an important role in maintaining the value of our degrees. Each donation raises Georgia Tech's national ranking by improving our participation percentage - a key criterion in most college ranking methodologies, including U.S. News & World Report.

Leave Your Legacy
Every $10 donation makes a tangible impact on campus by providing funding to organizations and initiatives that improve the student experience.  What better way to leave your mark on campus than by joining SAA and giving a gift that will help the Institute progress?

Tuition Doesn't Cover It
Did you know that tuition only covers approximately 15 percent of the total cost of your educational experience? The remaining 85 percent of the cost to run Georgia Tech is funded by the generosity of alumni and others, state financial support, research and other revenue streams. Your SAA membership donation is a small contribution to enhance the Tech experience for all students – now and in the future.

It All Adds Up
You may think that your small gift couldn't possibly have any impact, but when combined with your fellow students’ gifts, together you make a huge impact. Last year, SAA & GTSF were able to raise $71,930 with $10 donations from 7,193 student donors.

It's Easy and You Get Your Money Back Immediately

It's easy to do! You can join today and give your membership donation via credit card, cash or check. As soon as you sign-up, you get an SAA Swag Bag or membership item valued at over $10. Plus, with all the events and benefits throughout the year, you'll get a huge return on your investment!