Member Engagement Roadmap

SAA has hundreds of programs each year that we put on to benefit our members. We find that our most satisfied members are those who have taken advantage of the vast majority of our programs and events. We encourage you to use this roadmap as a guide to making the most of your experience in SAA.

Traditions 101

On campus this summer? Join us for Traditions 101 on Thursday, July 13th in the Student Success Center. We will talk about Georgia Tech traditions, the Tradition Keepers program, and play traditions bingo for prizes. Dinner is provided.

Graduate Summer Dinner

Graduate students, we know you continue to work hard over the summer -- whether you're spending time in the lab or teaching Tech's undergraduates -- we want to reward you for your hard work. The Student Alumni Association holds an annual graduate student dinner exclusively for you and your families.

Benefits of Joining SAA

Your $10 donation includes discounts to over fifteen local Atlanta establishments, opportunities to enjoy a free meal with Tech Alumni, a chance to be paired with an alumni mentor, a graduation gift and much more.