Expert Jackets- Sue Payne

Would you like to hear from an Exxon Mobil executive experienced in the oil and gas world? Are you interested in balancing your career pathway with personal interests?

Benefits of Joining SAA

Your $10 donation includes discounts to over fifteen local Atlanta establishments, opportunities to enjoy a free meal with Tech Alumni, a chance to be paired with an alumni mentor, a graduation gift and much more.

Join a Committee

The best way to get more involved with SAA is to join one of our five planning committees. These committee members gain event planning, marketing, and professional development experiences that are invaluable to their time at Tech. This is also a great track if you are interested in joining the SAA Leadership Team.

Member Engagement Roadmap

SAA has hundreds of programs each year that we put on to benefit our members. We find that our most satisfied members are those who have taken advantage of the vast majority of our programs and events. We encourage you to use this roadmap as a guide to making the most of your experience in SAA.

Apply for a WAN Scholarship

The goal of GT WAN is to bring together the brightest female graduates of Georgia Tech to encourage, inspire and inform. The purpose of the GT WAN scholarship is to support women pursuing an undergraduate degree from Georgia Tech.
Travel With Georgia Tech- Essential Europe

Next to a good education, the best investment in your future is a trip to Europe. Before settling into that new job or graduate school, celebrate your college successes with an unforgettable voyage through eight wondrous countries.